The Best Facebook Objectives | Video Marketing

The Best Facebook Objectives | Video Marketing

What’s up guys? Today we’re going to talk about Facebook objectives and the objectives that you should be running.
Okay guys, let’s dive in here to our campaign and I will show you guys the campaigns that we find are the best because in reality all campaigns, all marketing objectives work on Facebook. The four objectives that we use are video views, engagement, conversions and lead generation ads. Starting with engagement, the main thing that we do with this is we boost a post and then once people are liking, commenting on that post, Facebook then is building us lists that we can re-market to and what we do is we hit them with a lead generation ad or a conversion ad after that to drive them into our funnel.
The video view campaign or objective, what we do is the same concept as the engagement although now it’s a video. Anybody that has watched our video for a certain amount of time or duration, then after that we re-market because Facebook has built us a list and we hit them with a lead generation ad or a conversion ad. That’s what’s producing us the best results.
The lead generation ad, how it works is inside of Facebook, when someone’s scrolling through their feed and they click on the ad, it’s actually a pop-up that pops up right in Facebook that asks for their information for them to receive some sort of opt-in. Then the conversion ad appears just like any other ad out there. Your video view ad or your engagement ad but Facebook optimizes the opt-ins that come in. As soon as somebody opts-in to your funnel, Facebook will then take that person and try and find someone exactly like that person and it will deliver the ad to them. What happens is your conversions will start to go up, your cost per lead will start to go down and we’ve gotten a lot … we’ve had a lot success with these conversion ads.
Again, like I said, all of these objectives work for what you’re wanting but as far as generating leads and getting leads and customers that you’re looking for, we highly recommend using the engagement ads, the video view ads and the lead generation ads and the conversion ads.
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