What Services do Social Media Marketing Agencies Actually Offer?

What Services do Social Media Marketing Agencies Actually Offer?

A social media marketing agency is just a digital marketing agency specializing in social media, but they need to have a grasp on everything digital, and everything marketing, in order to provide value and tie their on-channel activities back to real KPIs that drive a business forward.

Here are 5 marketing services you may not have expected a social media marketing agency to be in charge of:
Email marketing (coordinating with social media and other larger campaigns)
Content creation and content marketing
Digital analytics and reporting
Social advertising / Facebook advertising
And the obvious one: Social media management

There are a few dozen other things a social media marketing agency might do, like:

Quora marketing, Reddit marketing, publishing to industry sites like Growthhackers.com or inbound.org.
Advertising on any social platform, such as: Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Meetup, 4square, etc.
Influencer marketing and influencer management
Attribution and tracking
Surveying customers
Coordinating with sales teams
Creating core assets for distribution on social media
Viral video strategy and consultation (sometimes creation)
Video editing and marketing
And the list goes on…

Here’s a blog post with more information:

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